Sunday, June 7, 2009

Credit Card As A Part Of Daily Expenditures

If you are using your plastic cards or simply your credit cards to purchase something or buy something everyday, then you are making your self in a big trouble in the near future. I know that it was really cool and really convenient to shop all day and drink or party all night using your credit card. That is the the only time you can feel that it was cool.

How about when your bill comes up and you see your credit card report or your credit bill goes up about 200%? Not cool isn't it?

In my opinion and based on my personal experience, it is much wiser to use your credit cards during emergency cases only. That is the time you will found it useful and helpful.

Also, try to look after for promo periods or those time where in you can purchase something using your credit card with zero interest rate for a period of time.

This simple tips alone can save you a lot. It can help you out to be debt free and worry free in the near future.

Oh, before you go out and do your shopping spree, why not take a look at this free credit report without credit card post of mine. I think knowing your credit report or history certainly can help you out in proper usage of your credit cards.


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